Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mod 7 Post 2

 The game I choose to play was Polleke's Blue Room. I personally have played this game twice.  I would use this game and it's walkthrough to assess the ability of my ESL students to follow a set of instructions(Standard ESL1). As the teacher, I would read the instructions from the walkthrough aloud as my students on individual computers followed along and attempted to escape the room. I would not use images from the game other than during gameplay. I would assess whether or not my learning objectives were met by having each student indicate when s(he) had completed the task in each walkthrough instruction. If each task had been completed in a reasonable amount of time, I would know that my students were able to listen and follow instructions given in English.

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  1. I'm not sure if a game would be the best way to assess each student's listening ability for following directions. I think it could be a good class activity for learning, but there would be a lot of anxiety for the students who were slower at understanding directions if you were using this as a test. Remember one of the reasons for using games is for motivation.
    Also if using this game for assessment purposes, you would have to decide how many times you would repeat the directions and what you would do if a student still did not understand. Again, this activity could be useful in class by letting students help each other if they didn't understand or by using the game on a smartboard in various ways, but I think you could find better ways to test following oral directions.