Tuesday, September 23, 2014


 Since I plan to teach both Spanish and ESL, I could use two features of the epals site in my classrooms; in2books in my ESL class and student 2 student in my spanish class. In my ESL class, I could use in2books to have my students practice literacy in english. These english language learners would gain real world practice by reading quality children's literature and writing to their adult ementor. This meets standards ESL2 and ESL3; using english for self expression and critical evaluation with regards to literature.
 In my Spanish classroom, I would use the student 2 student feature of epals. My spanish learners could practice writing in Spanish to a student from a Spanish speaking country that may even be learning english. Not only would this help students practice their spanish and meet LOTE standards 1 and 2; using spanish for communication and cross cultural understanding, but also help them to gain a real life onsite into a new culture and possibly make a lifelong friend.

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  1. I hope that you do get a chance in the future to see if these features of ePals work for you.