Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post 3 Diigo and Pinterest.

   After learning to use both Diigo and Pinterest, I would continue to use both sites. I do have a preference, however for Diigo. With the Diigo toolbar, I can copy and paste from the original site as opposed to having to take a screenshot and upload it. I can also use the toolbar to highlight text in a saved article. This would be perfect if I get that smart board I'm dreaming of in my classroom. Finally, I feel that the bookmarked sites on a Diigo page are slightly more organized than a Pinterest board.
    With this being said, I would continue to use Pinterest as well. Like on Diigo, I would be able to follow others and view their pins. Both sites also offer the option to use multiple tags. Although Diigo bookmarks are more organized than a Pinterest board, following multiple boards may give me access to more sites. Also, the idea of a virtual bulliten board may be more comprehensible to students. Both of these social bookmarking sites are an excellent way to share resources with others.

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  1. I also prefer DIIGO. However, as you mentioned, illustrating sites for your students on your future smartboard may be more appealing with Pinterest.