Thursday, November 6, 2014

follow up to last post

I forgot to mention; In a lower level Spanish class, the discussion would be in english to stress that learning another language is beneficial as well as fun! In this case, there would not be an LOTE standard to meet, but my objective would be for students to form and share opinions regarding the matter. I would assess this by tracking who participated in the conversation, ensuring that each student participates at least once.  In an upper level Spanish class, the discussion would be mostly in Spanish and I would assess speaking and listening skills according to standard LOTE 1B ML1D B; specifically addressing the use of a wide range of vocabulary and past, present and future frames. I would assess this by listening to each students' utterances and seeing if they employed newer vocabulary and employed the future tense at least once while discussing where they feel our world is going as far as multilingualism is concerned.

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