Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mod 11 Post 1

For my Spanish class, I have created an Animoto Picture Story for the introduction of reflexive verbs. My learning objectives would be for students to recognize and use these verbs(standard LOTE 1.A ML1A:A), understand that they are actions you do to or for yourself, and know at approximately what time a day these actions are performed.  After first going over the definitions of the words shown in the picture show and practicing the conjugations of the verbs on the board, I would assess these learning objectives by asking the entire class what a reflexive verb is and then having students choose three partners and ask each other what time a day they perform various actions. The conversation should look like this

Student 1:¿A que hora te levantas?
Student 2 :Me levanto a las siete de la mañana. 

If the conversations sound like this and the time of day given by student 2 makes sense, I will know my learning objectives have been met. 
A 90's rific screen; but it can show Animoto video stories. 
Animoto is not complete without music!

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  1. Your Animoto video is a good introduction of reflexive verb vocabulary.