Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spanish Greetings using Tubechop.

  For my Spanish classroom, I have chopped a 10min 40 sec Learn Spanish video into a shorter segment focusing strictly on the basic greetings. My performance indicator would be vocabulary recognition. My objective would be for students to be able to use initial conversation starters. (perdone señor(a)) and time of day greetings (buenos días, buenas noches) and learn how to respond to such greetings.  This would meet the standard LOTE 1 ML1, using listening and speaking in the target language for the purposes of socialization.
   I would assess this performance indicator by walking around the room and listening as students start conversations with at least 3 classmates. The conversations should go as follows.

Student 1: Perdone Señor(a)
Student 2: Hola, Buenos días.
Student 1: Buenos días.

If the students conversations sounded like this; I would know my objective had been met.

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