Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mod 11 Post 2

I have created a spanish comic strip in which two teens have met for the first time. My learning objectives would be that students would be able to introduce themselves, express pleasure to meet another person, and how another person is doing and answer this question in Spanish (Standard LOTE 1.A ML1A:A). I would assess this by role playing with individual students asking them questions(¿cómo te llamas, cómo estás?), and seeing if they could answer them properly. I would then reverse role play and have a volunteer student ask me the questions and express pleasure to meet me( mucho gusto). If the majority of the students were able to do this correctly, I would know that my objectives had been met.

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  1. Another possible assessment would be to have the students unscramble a written dialog to put the conversation in the correct order.