Tuesday, November 25, 2014


For my ESL classroom, I would use ESL podcast episode 1053; buying food at a concession stand. I would use this not only to have my students practice food vocabulary in english, but also to have them learn some english colloquialisms such as "grab a seat," "hit the concession stand," "to be out of___ and  "Highway robbery." This would meet standard ESL 4:1, using english for the purpose of social interaction. I would assess whether or not my learning objectives had been met by first holding up picture cards of the various foods mentioned such as popcorn, a pretzel, and cotton candy, and having students say the english words aloud as a class. I would next ask individual students for the colloquial meanings of things such as "grab a seat" and "highway robbery."
Popcorn! a popular food for movie goers.

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